Friday, April 18, 2014

How To Quilt A Stitch No 6: Triangle Scroll

 I like this quilting motif for areas that might be too serene for my thinking and need a little spicing up.
Here is where we are headed:
This is simply a scroll in and back out only a triangle... any shape and size triangle. First I stitched an outside parameter, scrolled inward to a "angular"  turnaround  leaving room to get back out as I am doing here.
Once you scroll out and come to a finish point,  you are ready to start the next triangle.( photo below is  same idea as above... just a different triangle shown)  This requires little to no planning other than choice of scale which will work for the area to be quilted. You may have noted a first stitch marked with a heat erasable Frixion pen in the bottom left corner of the top photo.  One does not have to mark the first scroll less it helps you get started. The overall effect of this kind of fill is that 'something is happening.. things are moving.... a wee bit of excitement.
Happy Quilting All! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Last Supper

On the night before His death , Jesus gathered His disciples for their last supper together...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How To Quilt A Stitch No. 5: Stacked Roof Tops

This is a great filler in areas that need a sense of feeling stabile without  using just plain straight lines.  Here is where we are headed. 
I seldom mark this but am doing a first row here so you can better see the plan. I have used a frixion marking pen to draw a row of squares/rectangles at different heights. 
 The first stitch effort is to follow the  drawn line across left to right noting you are back tracking a few stitches at the bottom of each shape.
 At the end of the first row, you stitch up the right side of the to be quilted area and begin a right to left row of the same plan... this time however you intersect the box (rooftop) somewhere near the middle of  the roof below as the needle down is shown here.
 Continue on with this plan  changing directions at the end of each row and you have an interesting filler when done.   Iron any markings away. Goes pretty fast all in all.  Happy Quilting All!

Monday, April 14, 2014

How To Quilt A Stitch No. 4: Meandering on Point

I like the look of this particularly in a more plain area of  quilt top fabric.

Here's where we are headed.

A little marking ( again I used Frixion Erasable pen by Pilot.)  to get started is fine if it helps.. particularly in this example where I was equally dividing an area into 4 triangles.... What goes inside each triangle is really an elongated meander so if it helps you get going, draw the first few lines of your meander. By the third line, you'll have the idea down and can free hand from there on.   
After all areas are quilting, iron the Frixion marking away and you are done!  Happy Quilting All!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Georgia's Challenge: 915 Maple Avenue

Is this not fun and interesting?  Kudos to Georgia Heller for this mostly ink'd quilt that came about as a result of a very interesting Challenge... 

It was made in response to a challenge to make a quilt inspired by one of the houses in the Maple/Ash historic district of Tempe, Arizona.  The darker shadows in this piece make it come alive.  Beautiful job Georgia.  This looks like a sweet place to live and the viewer is certain that adorable little girl in the window is headed for the door to take a bike ride.  :-)  Love this story quilt!!!  
 Notes from Georgia.... I would be happy to have  you share the photo of 915 Maple Avenue. Most of the quilt is inked, but it also includes three copyright-free images printed on fabric -  the little girl, the cactus, and the chair. These were appliqued.  Nice quilting too.  Click on photo for enlarged view. 

For those following my series of How to Quilt A Stitch... the series returns with the next post. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to Quilt A stitch No. 3 : Curved Veil

This is an easy, fast and graceful filler. Heres the whole idea... Stitch one graceful curve top to bottom.... move over a couple stitches and return to the top with the same curvy line plan while  overlapping the previous line.  The rest of this filler plan is a repeat of the line just stitched til you have your area filled.
 I'm showing the filled area here on the horizontal as it looks pretty cool in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Even when I plan to run this veil horizontal on my quilt, I find it easier to turn the quilt top such that my actual stitching is done stitching vertically.
Happy Quilting All!

Friday, April 11, 2014

How To Quilt A Stitch No 2: A Curly Q

This is a fun "filler" stitch that takes a bit of time but is worth the investment. I'm using a 40 wt thread here... Much more than that might not be to your liking as this stitch employs stitching atop previous stitch lines.  This is where we are headed.

Begin your first Curly Q by completing a stitched circle then adding a curly Q in the inside of the circle and stopping.

You then back track over previous stitching til you get all the way back to where you began  ( another couple stitches to go in this example ( It was a good photo op where I stopped). 
Once connecting to the beginning of the circle you can continue along the circle a stitch or two, three, four ( i.e. whatever is needed to start another Curly Q circle at the same or different size.   Have faith, It will fill in the intended  quilt area nicely most likely with ONE continuos stitch line.

Responding to 2 comments/ questions:  1. Back tracking is a stated problem for some.   IF I could give any advice.... the best one is to give yourself permission to GO SLOW!  It gets easier with practice too... but going slow is your friend!!  2.  Q.What weight of bobbin thread did I use on this stitch.  A. I believe I had Bottom Line 60 wt.  ( Superior Threads) in the bobbin this time but for most of my quilting work, I am using a monofilament in the bobbin... That means... no need to 'fill' the entire bobbin, wind the bobbin a bit slower so as not to stretch the thread, and lower top tension... sometimes as low as it can go.